Hello.... It's me.

"Hello from the otter sliiiiideee"


My name is Ishali Perez and I'm an illustrator based near Orlando, FL.
Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint,
Traditional media:
Watercolors, pencil, soft pencils, acrylics, charcoal, oil pastels, clay and chalk pastels. Oh and glitter, lots of glitter.

♦Covers for short story booklets♦
Feria del Libro, República Dominicana.
♦Children's book illustration♦
El Gran Mago de Shandru by Eliveth Mireles.
♦Book covers♦
Para Que Te Cuento by Vocal y Consonante - Creativa Literaria.
 Los Montellanes by Eliveth Mireles.
♦Video Game Sprite Animation♦
Memoir of Ivanrah

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